TikiWiki 1.9.3(.1) released

Author: Release Voice - Published

Here it is, the new Release 1.9.3 of TikiWiki. It contains fixes for some security issues, improvements of PHP5 and mySQL5 compatibility, many bugfixes, enhancements and new features as well.

If you are running a TikiWiki version 1.9.2 or older you should upgrade soon.

NOTE: We have raised the version number to right now. See full article for details.

You can download it at SourceForge: TikiWiki

See the (not yet) complete changelog at ReleaseProcess193.

Update from TikiWiki 1.8.x or 1.9.x: UpgradeTo193

AulaWiki 0.1 released, Tiki Workspaces

Author: Javier Reyes - Published

In a few words, AulaWiki offers team collaboration environments (workspaces), allowing you to manage sets of Tiki resources in an easy way.
You can define different kinds of workspaces, to support the collaboration needs of each kind of team (Projects, Courses, Organizational Departments....).

TikiWiki 1.9.2 released

Author: Release Voice - Published

After the longest day of the year (daylight-saving time), the TikiWiki community released version 1.9.2 right in time for halloween.
This compatibility release for PHP5 and MySQL 4.1 includes lots of valuable bug-fixes.

TikiWiki 1.7.6 - Released!

Author: Damian Parker - Published

Marking the end of the CVS line for 1.7 branch is release 1.7.6. This release contains the annoying Windows Login Bug where you needed to put your site into a sub folder. Read More the ))ChangeLog(( entry. Support for 1.7 hasnt stopped and we will still be around in #tikiwiki to help! Patches for bugfixes will be made available (and can be submitted) to http://mods.tikiwiki.org