[concept: "is" (some key identifier/describer)]

A web platform for/that/ ~

[that can do this:]


dynamically and attractively present information

[concept: power of trackers/search]


use the full range of website features in one platform

[concept: full-featured]


(to be determined)

[concept: configurable/flexible]

[ <- - Three strong points / appeal to visitor / "what Tiki can do for you"]

[Here's why it stands out (more info to clarify benefits/contrast with alternatives):]

Not just a CMS, but a full-featured platform that can be configured for many purposes....

[These are problems you can avoid:]

  • With Tiki's all-in-one model, there's no need for third-party plugins - Avoide upgrade and compatibility problems.
  • Have confidense in going with a mature project with active and approachable developer and user communities.
  • As a more selective choice, Tiki is a less-attractive target for malware scripts.

[Next steps (these pages need to load fast):]

  • "I'm a developer and want to get involved."
  • "Show me some typical use cases."
  • "Give me more technical information."
  • "Just let me download it."

[These could be phrased as quotes or as simple labels]

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