TikiWiki 1.7.6 - Released!

Author: Damian Parker - Published

Marking the end of the CVS line for 1.7 branch is release 1.7.6. This release contains the annoying Windows Login Bug where you needed to put your site into a sub folder. Read More the ))ChangeLog(( entry. Support for 1.7 hasnt stopped and we will still be around in #tikiwiki to help! Patches for bugfixes will be made available (and can be submitted) to http://mods.tikiwiki.org

Tikiwiki 1.8 -Polaris- is out!

Author: Marc Laporte - Published

It has been six months since the last major release (1.7). During this period the Tiki team has grown from 68 contributors to 190!! Detailed stats here: TikiCommunity

For the last several months, Tiki has been eating it's own DogFood and using Tiki 1.8 on tikiwiki.org Three release candidates (over three months) later, the Tiki team is proud to release Polaris.

The main major new feature is a complete rewrite of all the queries to move to the ADOdb abstraction layer. This makes Tiki highly portable and useable with your favorite database. Tiki 1.8 boasts over 65 new features & enhancements. Congratulation to redflo for managing this release.

Tiki 1.7 -Eta Carinae- RC3 released

Author: mose - Published

The main point in that release candidate is the fixed registration. It was blocking the rc2. If you use the 1.7rc2 you should upgrade to rc3. There is no db change, only some files fixed.

Tiki 1.6.1 Released

Author: Luis Argerich - Published

A bugfix version from Tiki 1.6. No new features or improvements but many bugs are now corrected.