Heres the changelog.txt entry for this release.

Version 1.7.6 -Eta Carinae-

  • FIX General XHTML cleanup, seems we get better validation now
  • FIX Some fixes to moreneat to get better display
  • FIX Tiki Forums have been replaced with Forums
  • FIX Modification to the installer text informing about System Admin options
  • FIX Tidy of comments in tiki-galleries
  • FIX Tidy of top bar and bot bar
  • NEW Addition of tiki icons in img/tiki
  • FIX Windows Login Bug Damian taken from marcius fix for 1.8 branch.
  • FIX Contact Us anonymous now works
  • FIX mod-application_menu expanding/collapsing on the Admin click
  • NEW Belarus now has a tiki flag! Identified as missing by techtonik
  • FIX Wiki plugin SPLIT upgraded to the 1.8 version for fixing the row splits
  • NEW Assistant Module now available in 1.7.6