For Tiki 19.0, a few of the major changes include upgrading from Bootstrap 3 to 4 for even greater usability across all types of mobile devices, Font Awesome 4 to 5 and from jQuery S5 to Reveal.js slideshows. These significant steps forward insure that Tiki remains future-proof and stays current with rapidly advancing technology.

Many brand new features have also been added such as the outstanding Plugin Diagram for easily generating flowcharts, a Swiper for modern presentations, a new theme called 'Tikipedia', a URL shortener for clean page names, Email Threading capabilities for Tiki email notifications in Forums and Blog Post comments, and many more. Additionally, usability has been enhanced in areas like multilingual support, admin panel, permissions system, calendar and others. Finally, no major version upgrade would be complete without hundreds of stability improvements and bug fixes! see details at Tiki 19.0

Please note, Tiki 19x is a Standard Term Support (STS) version and will be supported until Tiki 20.1 is released - to help decide if this version is appropriate for your projects see the Versions page.

Download or upgrade now to Tiki 19.0 for a complete web application platform with the most features and start your journey to endless possibilities!