To prepare for the next major release of Tiki, Tiki15, the first day mainly consisted of removing obsolete or redundant features. At the beginning, the Theme Generator was taken out, followed by the Wiki 3D browser.

While the former was not working with the latest version of Tiki (and has gone out of use thanks to the heavyset customization settings), the latter was, since it was based on a Java applet, simply not on par with current Web technologies. To complete the deleting spree, we said goodbye to an old and no longer useful Maps engine, which if it was needed today would be implemented using an open and newer alternative, OpenLayers.

The second and last day was all about releasing Tiki 12.6, in which a few bugs were removed from the software. To top it off, we revived our Jenkins instance, a continuous integration tool that is useful to monitor the code quality easily and started the process of evaluating that against other alternatives, such as TravisCI. Since it's rare for that many community members to be at once place, it was also a great time for discussions and planning further improvements for Tiki, like the new marketing materials that were proposed.

All in all, one can definitely say that the TikiFest was a huge success. You can find more information on our Wiki and help us tackle tasks to reach the next milestone for the Tiki project..