Rodrigo Primo
Rodrigo is an open source freelance developer from Brazil and started contributing to Tiki in 2005.

During the summer of 2009, as a Google Summer of Code student, he developed the Mediawiki to Tiki importer. Since then, he worked on several Tiki features including developing the Wordpress Importer and revamping the Blog feature. Rodrigo is a major contributor to Tiki's multilingual features and his work, culminating with the launch of the in-context translation server.

Rodrigo is an avid traveler, cyclist and mountain climber.

Jean-Marc Libs
Jean-Marc Libs (aka Jyhem) discovered Free Software on the Internet in 1995 and has made it the center of his career.

Jean-Marc lives in Strasbourg, France, where he deploys Tiki sites. He has been working as part of Tiki's global developer team since 2006 while employed in the IT department of the Council Of Europe. Before that, he has had a long professional career as consultant and project manager in a French computer engineering services company, which allowed him to gain a solid overview of existing technologies.

He recently founded, a Tiki service provider.

Known for his sharp improv skills and witty sense of humor.

Jean-Marc started contributing to Tiki in 2006.

Jean-François Bilger
Jean-François Bilger (aka changi67) is a long-time member of Tiki's Infrastructure, Security and Packaging teams.

He re-architected the hosting strategy for the * sites and dramatically improved performance and uptime.

Jean-François lives near Strasbourg, France and is an Open Source Project Manager for the Council Of Europe.

Jean-François started contributing to Tiki in 2009.

The other members of the Admins Team are Marc Laporte, Sylvie Greverend, luci aka luciash d' being, Oliver Hertel, Xavier de Pedro, Gary Cunningham-Lee, Nelson Ko, Pascal Kustner, and Rick Sapir.

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