TikiFest Virtual 2021

A global TikiFest during the pandemic travel restrictions


Due to health and travel regulation during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we decided that the 2021 TikiFest will be a virtual one.

To coordinate with users that have different timezone we’ll set here a first survey then move the narrowed options to a convene plugins to be effective and clear. We'll set teams of users interested to solve or improve an area and that are able to work together (timezone) and progress in parallel.

The last meeting should be a kind of conclusion (completing committing, documentation, and eventually planning other steps)... The goodbye toast. 🍻

1.2. Who

1.2.1. Organisers (and topics)

  • ...
  • add yourself by writing your username one line above

1.2.2. People confirmed

1.2.3. People interested

1.2.4. People invited

1.3. Where

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1.4. When

The dates and times will be decided by votes.

Please login or register to see and suggest your schedule for this Tikifest.

1.4.2. Scheduling Topics

During the February TRM it was decided to first sort topics then later to assign them a date and time. Opening and closing session will be placed to surround the other scheduled meetings
Please add your name so we know who is organising what and with who (team are welcomed)

1.4.3. Discussions

The future of Tiki

1.4.4. Demos/Workshop

Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:
I will follow a kind of learning curves with the demos I signed for: from installation to setting a pluginList/customSearch

1.4.5. Coding sessions

  • Admin control panel revamp (https://dev.tiki.org/Control-Panel-re-organization)
    • Finalising the new admin control panel (maybe it will be just a presentation if no additional code is required)
  • Removing outdated features
    • Image gallery (finally ?) (woo! )
    • Bidi.css
    • Tiki Spreadsheets - is anybody still using this? Is it even usable?
    • Whishlist check and fixing day

1.4.6. Other Sessions

  • Official opening meeting
    • Calendar review (discussing and arranging the final topics)
    • Preparing groups and teams
  • Closure meeting and last drink


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