Torsten Wue

Germany Germany

In 2009 I joined the Tiki community, when I decided to use the Tiki - Wiki CMS Groupware for an NGO-Project. Since I became an active community manager and operator in the Tiki Community.

Today I offer solutions for small and midsized companies as well as for NGOs.

Whilst my focus is more on collaborative intranet projects, I do also quick responsive websites for small projects and small business webVCards, communication solutions, customer support knowledge base etc...

Languages: German, English and very basic French

+49 178 8 272 383

torsten at tiki.org


Consulting: y
Upgrades: y
Custom Programming: n
3rd Party Integration: y
Training: y
Hosting: n
Installation and Setup: y
Troubleshooting: y
Themes: y

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