First up is TikiFest Québec from February 12-13. This event, the second to be held in Quebec City will focus on improving the French translations in Tiki. Seeébec7 for details.

The Spring Tiki Tour then continues with TikiFest ConFoo in Montréal, Canada March 4-8. Work is expected to focus primarily on continued integration with BigBlueButton. See for details. immediately follows from March 9-11, also in Montréal. This is the second edition of the ConFoo conference and includes experts in Java, .Net, PHP, Python and Ruby will present solutions for developers and project managers. Tiki Community member Marc Laporte will be speaking about Tiki Suite: Tiki's integration with other open source applications, such as BigBlueButton, Kaltura, Clipperz, and many others.

The tour then heads across the border to participate in Recent Changes Camp 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts. This Open Space Technology format unconference focuses on wikis and collaborative practices and runs March 11-13. Several key Tiki Community members plan to attend the event.

TikiFest Boston, March 14-18, marks the end of this Spring tour. This will be the last major gathering before the release of Tiki 7 (planned for April 2011). Work will primarily entail release preparations, but the TikiFesters will also look at long-term work including the move to Smarty 3 and major rework and improvements to Tiki Trackers. See for details.

Summer Tour
An even more ambitious Summer Tour is planned in June, July, and August with stops on four continents:
  • Brazil: June 21-27
  • Strasbourg, France: July 6-9
  • Portland, Oregon, USA: July 23-24
  • Haifa, Israel: August 2-3
  • Berlin, Germany: August 18-21
For more information on this Summer Tiki Tour, see The Tiki Community calendar ( contains information on these and all other Tiki Community events.