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Get Started With Tiki

Get started with Tiki in three easy steps:
  1. Download Tiki.

  2. Install on your server.

  3. Configure the features you want.

Really, it is that easy. After installing Tiki, why not Join the Community?

If you do not have hosting, please see: Hosting

Tiki Demo: Try Before You Install

Tiki Home Page
Tiki Default HomePage
You can play with a fully functional Tiki demo before you install Tiki on you server. Demos are hosted by:

Alternatively, you can use a Tiki Tiki Live CD.

Learn More about Tiki, including the Benefits to use Tiki.

Demo sites at tiki.org

The Tiki Community also maintains a demo server with several Tiki versions.

informationTiki versions
Read more about Tiki release cycle policy to understand different versions.

informationLogin information
Use the following username and password to access the demo sites:
username: admin
password: 12345

Please note: The database of the below demo sites may be reinstalled by the Tiki community any time. Use these demo sites to get familiar with Tiki, but do not expect to find your saved changes the next time you log in.


The latest stable release

Trunk DEV (pre-14)

Daily refreshed latest developments

12.x LTS - Latest

The latest Long Term Release

9.x LTS - Previous

The previous Long Term Release

Tiki for Dummies Smarties

A beginner's guide to using Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

Looking for the Bleeding Edge Version?

If you are an advanced user or developer and want to help with developing and testing the next upcoming version, check the developer site for more information.

Tiki Events

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